Quad Cities Orthopaedic Surgeons Detail Hidden Costs of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Cobb discuses how the costs associated with cubital tunnel syndrome affect employer and employee and explain the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

Davenport, IA— Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common condition involving nerve compression of the arm after carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr Cobb. They recently explained how this prevalent malady can often cause healthcare costs to rise dramatically in a workplace environment for both the employer and the employee. In response to this concern, they recommend minimally invasive surgery to help reduce costs, eliminate personal discomfort, and increase workplace efficiency.

The practice explains that while there is currently no link between office work and cubital tunnel syndrome, there can be both direct and indirect costs for employers and employees when an individual suffers from this condition. For instance, they indicate that some of the indirect costs to the employer include the time spent replacing the employee and training a new one, dealing with accident or injury investigations, and general workplace disruption. For employees, they note, indirect costs may include loss of fringe benefits, disruptive hospital and doctor visits, and inability to enjoy routine activities outside of work. The high cost of cubital tunnel syndrome, they explain, typically can be ameliorated with a simple, effective solution: minimally invasive surgery.

A recent publication by Cobb, et al., (Cobb, Walden, Merrell, Lemke. Setting expectations following endoscopic cubital tunnel release. HAND, April 2014) demonstrated that patients are able to get back to full duty 63 days sooner following endoscopic cubital tunnel. The orthopaedic surgeons further emphasize the benefits of this operation by indicating the rapid recovery period can mean a savings of up to $436 million annually for the United States. Healthcare costs in the nation can be staggering, they suggest, and this opportunity to reduce fees can amount to an economic windfall.

Ultimately, the physicians at Orthopaedic Specialists believe that providing a resource on the direct and indirect costs of cubital tunnel syndrome will help patients with this condition receive the most effective treatment that may allow them to return to work and regular life sooner and with better results.

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